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I Got a Laugh out of This

I was almost ready to laugh when I got the call from this Sacramento personal injury attorney. He wanted me to testify on the character of this guy I know. Of course he was doing a slip and fall against some store and there is a chance that he actually did hurt himself on a slick spot, but I can not imagine that I am the best person they can find to testify that he is not the sort of guy who would lie about that. In fact he owes me money because at one time I was silly enough to think that he would pay me back. The main point is that I know for a fact that he is exactly the sort of person who would try and lie his way to a pay day. That has been his modus operandi as long as I have known him. So to think that I am going to put my hand on a bible and swear that he is something entirely different just seems hilarious to me.

At any rate I told the guy on the phone to find someone else, and pay them a lot of money if they wanted them to tell that big of a whopper. The guy did not seem to know what I meant, so I asked them if they had done their homework. Of course I mentioned the fact that there was videotape of him trying to pull off a different sort of scam, and that whoever he was suing would probably find it if they took them to court. In fact I was wondering if they would pay me anything if I was going to tell them about the stuff that I knew about. They might obviously have an interest in knowing what so many knew.