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Fatique Was Wearing Me out

When I told my friend I wanted to find a good chiropractor in Bakersfield CA, she immediately became concerned. She thought that I had been in an accident or had some type of injury, but I assured her that I was fine in both regards. I was just always feeling tired, and I had done some research on what could help me with it. In a lot of the online articles I had read, I saw where going to a chiropractor could actually help with this. If just one or two articles had mentioned it, I honestly don’t know that I would have considered going.

However, I read in at least a dozen articles where chiropractic care can really help in a number of different conditions, including chronic fatigue. I was not sure I wanted to slap that label on myself, but I knew that something was wrong with me. No matter how many hours I slept or how many naps I took in the daytime, I just had this feeling of tiredness over me a good bit. I knew that my friend had been to a chiropractor, and I wanted to find out the name so I could call, remembering she had good results.

She gave me the contact information, and I was able to get an appointment just a few days out. If it would have been critical, I could have had a same day appointment, which I thought was very nice of them. I wasn’t able to go until later in the week though. My first appointment was educational, because I learned how fatigue can be caused simply because the spine is out of alignment. I had a series of adjustments done over the course of a few months, and I have never felt better than I do right now. It is so nice to not always be tired!